Silverson leads in customizing mixers

When just any mixer won’t do

The engineers at Silverson Machines understand that every manufacturing environment is different, and that every mixing process is different. And because every mixing process is different, one mixer does not meet everyone’s needs. Sometimes a mixer needs to fit into a difficult space; sometimes hazardous or aggressive chemicals need to be mixed without risk to the operator or damage to the equipment; and also sanitary applications present a wide range of challenges. Applications such as these are increasingly common, and they call for a customised solution. “This is one of our strengths,” says Matt Smith, VP of Sales, Silverson. “We are more than willing to customize our mixers, which means we can solve unique mixing problems for our customers. Rather than try to change someone’s mixing methods, we’ll change our mixer to adapt to the needs of our customer.”

The customisation process begins with research. Silverson’s engineers start by gathering all the information they can on what is being mixed, all the end-product specifications, where it will be mixed, etc. All this information is then used to choose the appropriate mixer and to customise it to the unique demands of the mixing process. Practical testing of modifications and prototypes frequently forms part of the design process. “It’s a true partnership,” says Smith. “While we know our mixers, we depend on our customers’ knowledge of their process. We marry the two to create a customised mixer.” The Silverson philosophy is based on being customer-focused rather than mass-producing a set product design.

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