Silverson goes digital

Launches new L5 Series of laboratory mixers

Silverson’s new generation L5 Series laboratory mixers move processing into the digital age. The state-of-the-art L5M model offers a high level of instrumentation and automation via a digital touch screen. Its functions include a programmable timer, infinitely variable speed control with “speedlock,” an integral ammeter and digital tachometer, providing excellent repeatability when performing quality assurance runs or other repetitive, standardised testing.

In addition to the functional advantages, the touch screen offers increased cleanliness and reliability. Mechanically the L5 Series offers a number of refinements including a redesigned rise and fall mechanism which eliminates overrun, further increasing reliability and operating precision.

The L5 Series includes the basic L5R, the L5T (with tachometer), the multifunctional L5M and some additional models for specialised applications. More than 40 interchangeable mixing units are available for use with the new L5 range; options include tubular assemblies for narrow necked or small containers, Ultramix assemblies, twin-headed Duplex Disintegrator units and a special In-Line assembly. With a capacity range from 1 milliliter to 12 liters, and In-Line flow rates of up to 20 liters/minute, the new generation of laboratory mixers offers unrivalled efficiency and versatility in all day-to-day laboratory and small scale production duties.

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